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Student Voice Surveys

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Measure Student Perceptions. Bolster Academic Performance.

The Student Voice surveys are designed to measure the 8 Conditions That Make a Difference across an entire school. The 8 Conditions help educators ensure that the work they are already doing fosters an environment characterized by positive relationships, engaged learning, and sense of purpose. These online surveys take about 15 minutes to complete and provide survey administrators with real-time reports. By using the reports, teams of educators and students can work together to develop shared objectives and inspire meaningful improvements within their schools.

Take a look at what the data in the National School Voice Reports shows.

Listen to Russ Quaglia explain why schools should consider surveying their students in order to listen to their voice and aspirations in this interview for Principal Center Radio.


  • Subscription includes both Grades 3-5 and Grades 6-12 versions
  • Mobile device-friendly
  • Review and filter results by key demographics
  • Add up to 5 custom questions
  • Each survey is anonymous, provides results in real time, and produces a final report for analysis.
  • Available in English and Spanish

Sample Questions Grades 3-5 Version

  • Students help each other at my school.
  • I feel important in my classroom.
  • The principal knows my name.
  • Teachers care if I am absent from school.
  • I like going to school.
  • My teacher helps me reach my goals.

Sample Questions Grades 6-12 Version

  • School is a welcoming and friendly place.
  • If I have a problem, I have a teacher that I can talk to.
  • I have a responsibility to make the world better for others.
  • Teachers believe in me and expect me to be successful.
  • My classes help me understand what is happening in my everyday life.
  • Students respect each other.


Please note: We are in the process of updating our surveys to align with the academic year, and the registration feature has been temporarily suspended. Registration will be open by September 21, 2020. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us at: